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NetBooster Group and Artefact announce their plan to join forces

NetBooster Group and Artefact announce their plan to join forces and form the first global digital marketing agency focused on providing strategic digital marketing consultancy based around Data and Artificial Intelligence

The new global product offering will encompass consulting, creative design, data and analytics, campaign delivery and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

NetBooster Group (FR0000079683 – ALNBT –PEA-PME eligible), the leading independent international digital agency, with 80% of its turnover coming from abroad, and Artefact, an innovative data consulting agency focused on consulting, technology and ad creation, announce their plans to form a new player in the digital marketing agency space.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be placed at the heart of the digital marketing strategies that the NetBooster Group and Artefact will develop for their clients going forward. It will be used to automate the creation of campaigns from strategy development through customer journey and from Ad creation through campaign delivery and performance measurement. The global market for Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach 11.1 billion dollars by 2024, and is expected to transform the digital marketing space rapidly.*

François de la Villardière, Chairman of the Board and CEO at NetBooster Group commented: “We are very pleased that the founders of Artefact have chosen NetBooster as the partner to continue their entrepreneurial adventure with. We all believe that Artificial Intelligence will increase the efficiency of our businesses and allow for advertisers to better define their digital marketing strategies. Our newly-formed group, which will have nearly 1,000 employees across the globe, is a fantastic example of technology integration in the advertising trade.”

Artefact’s co-founders: Guillaume de Roquemaurel, Vincent Luciani and Philippe Rolet, CEO and Managing Directors, respectively, commented: “We are very happy to join forces with the NetBooster Group. Since 2014, Artefact has been building the foundations for the agency of the future through data, AI and consulting. The addition of marketing delivery capabilities and NetBooster’s international presence will accelerate our vision of consolidation within the industry. Our goal is to add value to advertisers by reinventing the role of the marketing agency with new tools that enable productivity gains and the creation of entirely new business models.”.

Founded three years ago, Artefact has around 100 employees and works with major clients such as Danone, Orange, Samsung and Engie. The Company produced a turnover of €5m in 2016 (200% up on their 2015 numbers) and foresees growth of around 100% in 2017, with profitability in line with the NetBooster Group. Artefact will bring to the newly formed Group its experience in Data consulting, Artificial Intelligence and Data analysis. The commercial and technological competencies offered by Artefact should yield a significant competitive advantage for all the channels (Search, CRM, display, programmatic, etc.) where NetBooster is active and in all thirteen countries where it is present.

NetBooster and Artefact have already been testing the complementarity of their product offering for mutual clients such as AccorHotels and Groupe SEB, which like all our clients, will benefit from the strong synergies between the two companies. As a result of this deal, the new Group foresees significant synergies, with a new data offering being afforded to existing NetBooster clients, an ability for Artefact to execute digital marketing campaigns for their clients, and for the new combined business to attract new clients as a result of the new global product offering of the group.

The new agency will initially work to implement its full service business offering, providing customers with a seamless journey from marketing strategy development to campaign delivery on the back of rigorous data analysis and engineering.

This transaction is a major step in delivering the strategy announced by the new management team that was made public at the analyst presentation on the 27th of April, with the goal, ultimately, to invent the marketing agency of the future.

Terms of the Transaction

The transaction, handled by Cambron Parnters for Artefact, will be structured as a share swap with NetBooster increasing its share capital by 6.9m shares against a contribution in kind of all the outstanding shares of Artefact, leading to a dilution of 26.4% for existing NetBooster shareholders. The new shares will consist of both ordinary shares and preference shares (ADP1 and ADP2 Preference Shares).

The ADP1 preference shares are subject to the achievement of certain objectives for FY2017 EBITDA for Artefact, with the maximum dilution then rising to 28.4%. The ADP 2 preference shares are subject to performance conditions.   

Once the transaction is consummated, Artefact’s founders will become one of the main shareholders of NetBooster Group and will be called upon to take on important management roles in the combined new business:

  • Guillaume de Roquemaurel, President and Co-Founder of Artefact will become COO and be in charge of deploying Artefact’s data offering across the whole of the group
  • Vincent Luciani, Managing Director and co-founder of Artefact, will become Managing Director of France
  • Philippe Rolet, Managing Director and co-founder of Artefact, will take on the role of Group CTO and will be in charge of the technical development teams

François de la Villardière will continue to exercise his current functions within the NetBooster Group, whilst the former MD of France, Emmanuel Arendarczyk, will take on the role of Group SVP Global Clients.

The proposed transaction has been approved by the Board of Directors of NetBooster and Artefact and will be submitted to NetBooster’s shareholders for approval at an Extraordinary Shareholders’ meeting to be held on July 27, 2017 at 11:00 am.



*Source: Tractica analysis office for

About NetBooster Group 

NetBooster Group is a leading independent international digital performance marketing agency. The agency covers the entire online marketing value chain through its global network, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (PPC), programmatic display, affiliation, media, social media, creative design, CRM and Data and Analytics (DnA).  Moreover, the Group is one of the most important GA 360 resellers and Google DoubleClick Marketing partners in Europe. Shares in NetBooster are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

About Artefact

Artefact is the first agency natively designed for the AI era. The company has now more than 100 employees and is built around a brand new combination of consultants, data scientists, engineers and creatives. Its clients include more than 50 key accounts as Orange, Samsung, ENGIE, Carrefour, Danone, AccorHotels, Sephora, Air France, Pernod Ricard, Maisons du Monde, Chanel etc. The quality of its clients (large groups in Bank/Insurance, Retail, Travel, High Tech etc.) and the rapidity of its development make it a major French player in data marketing. Founded by 3 graduates from Polytechnique (Guillaume de Roquemaurel, Vincent Luciani and Philippe Rolet), Artefact has experienced an important growth rate, with a tripling of its turnover in 2016.


Alexia Cassini (Group Communication Manager)
NetBooster S.A.
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Caroline Saslawsky / Morgane Le Rol
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This press release contain forward looking statements including statements regarding NetBooster’s management intent, belief or current expectations with respect to NetBooster’s businesses and operations, market conditions, results of operation and financial condition, specific provisions and risk management practices. These statements are based on the current expectations and assumptions of NetBooster’s management and they are, therefore, subject to risks and uncertainties. Many factors can impact NetBooster’s results and performance, thus forecasts and hypothetical examples are subject to uncertainty and contingencies outside NetBooster’s control. Results and performance can be materially different from any future results or performance that may be expressed or implied by the forward looking statements contained in this press release. NetBooster does not undertake to implement any of the actions and operations that may be described in the forward looking statements. Moreover, we remind you that past performance is not a reliable indication of future performance.

This press release, including forecast financial information, should not be considered as advice or recommendation to investors or potential investors in relation to acquiring, selling or transfer by any means NetBooster’s securities. Before acting on any information included into this presentation, one should consider the appropriateness of the information, any relevant offer document and especially should seek for independent financial advice. It is reminded that all securities involve financial risks.

Deezer, one of the world’s leading music streaming companies, has appointed NetBooster to optimize its digital channels globally

NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT –PEA-PME eligible), a leading independent international agency in digital performance marketing, today announces a new partnership with Deezer.

After successfully supporting the launch of the music streaming service in the US last year, NetBooster has been appointed to manage Deezer’s global online customer acquisition, including US and South America in addition to a strong focus on core European markets; France, UK, and Germany.

Deezer has appointed NetBooster to work in a highly collaborative capacity, providing holistic global digital consultancy and integrated campaign delivery. NetBooster has the scope to optimise all digital performance channels to achieve Deezer’s overall customer acquisition objectives with a primary focus on increasing the number of free users and premium subscribers, in line with Deezer’s wider growth and international development strategy.

Ombline De Coriolis, VP Marketing at Deezer, comments “As a fast growing music brand operating in the digital space, we needed to work with an agency that would truly understand our challenges, our landscape and that would add real value to our already extensive in-house digital expertise. Having an independent agency partner, with the right International presence is very important to us. NetBooster has already proven itself to be a strong partner in a relatively short period of time and we’re thrilled to be working with the team.”

Emmanuel Arendarczyk, Managing Director, NetBooster France, says: “We are really proud that Deezer has chosen NetBooster to manage its online acquisition activities internationally. This new partnership is really exciting for us as it allows us to work very collaboratively with a fantastic and digitally-savvy brand, utilising our expertise in the best way possible because we have the freedom to optimize channels and media budgets to achieve their desired results.

Deezer has more than 10 million active users across the world and over 43 million tracks in its library. Streaming remains the music industry’s fastest-growing revenue source hitting US$ 2.9 billion in 2015 with 68 million subscribers in the world, representing 19% of global industry revenues.



About NetBooster Group |

NetBooster is a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.).  Shares in NetBooster are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

About Deezer

Deezer connects over 10 million active users around the world to over 43 million tracks. Available in more than 180 countries worldwide, Deezer gives instant access to the largest and most diverse global music streaming catalogue on any device. Deezer is the only music streaming service with Flow, the unique mix of all your old favourites and new recommendations in one ever-changing stream. Based on an intuitive, proprietary algorithm and created by people who love music, it’s the only place to hear all your music back-to-back with fresh discoveries tailored to you. Deezer is available on your favorite device, including smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, home sound system, connected car or smart TV.

Making music happen since 2007, Deezer is a privately held company, headquartered in Paris with offices in London, Berlin, Miami and around the world. Deezer is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices or on the web at For the latest news on Deezer go to

Alexia Cassini (Group Communication Manager)
NetBooster S.A.
Tel. 00 33 (0)1 40 40 27 00

Press Contact
Caroline Carmagnol / Wendy Rigal
Tel. 00 33 (0)1 44 54 36 66


This time it’s personal

Personlig marknadsföring tar över alltmer på nätet. Vi är på väg in i en ny tidsålder där reklam blir så riktad mot användarna att den inte längre uppfattas som en olägenhet utan mer som en service. 

Av Christian Kongsted, Senior Online Consultant

Har du undrat varför du på nätet förföljs av banners för ett par skor du redan köpt? Eller varför ditt gym skickar dig information om en zumbaklass i Stockholm, när du bor i Malmö?

Då tillhör du troligtvis de som kommer att känna sig mer bekväma med den typ av reklam vi kommer att exponeras för inom 3-4 år. Många upplever fortfarande reklam som irriterande och ovidkommande men den bilden kommer sannolikt att förändras under de kommande åren. Stora aktörer samlar idag in enorma mängder data om oss som i framtiden kommer att användas till personligt riktad reklam som kommer att vara mer relevant än vad vi tidigare sett. Vi går mot en tid där gränsen mellan annonser och användbara tjänster närmast helt kommer att suddas ut.

Världens mest populära sociala webbplatser och appar som Facebook, YouTube och Instagram har blivit framgångsrika då de erbjuder tjänster som är helt personligt anpassade. Man optimerar sitt nyhetsflöde på Facebook och gör det unikt genom att själv bestämma vad man vill se. Sökningar på Google är också personligt anpassade, så våra sökresultat matchar de preferenser sökmotorn antar att vi har. På samma sätt upplever vi nu att annonser på nätet i allt högre grad blir personligt anpassade, ända ner till den enskilde användaren. Än så länge fungerar systemen långt ifrån perfekt men redan idag är de annonser vi ser är lite mer relevanta än de vi såg fem år sedan.

Denna trend kommer att fortsätta.

Larry Page, en av Googles grundare, fick nyligen frågan om han såg ad-blockers – det vill säga programvara som blockerar annonser – som ett problem. Han svarade att det inte är ad-blockers som är problemet utan dåliga annonser. Det handlar enligt Page om att skapa annonser som konsumenterna inte vill välja bort.

2016: Ett statiskt Internet

Medan stora företag som Google och Facebook har insett värdet av att använda användarnas data på nya konstruktiva sätt och erbjuda individualiserad service, så är 99,9 procent av alla andra webbplatser inte personligt anpassade. Det vanligaste är att samma version av webbplatsen visas för alla användare – oavsett kön, ålder och vilken del av landet man bor i och oavsett om man har besökt webbplatsen tidigare och eventuellt har köpt något

Det kommer att förändras under de kommande fem åren.

Ägaren av en webbplats har vanligtvis en hel del information om besökarna. Det kan till exempel vara information om vilka sidor på webbplatsen användaren har besökt tidigare. Låt oss säga att en användare tidigare har kollat på kök på IKEAs hemsida. Då kan man anta att det är kök användaren är intresserad av och det finns därför ingen anledning till att förstasidan av IKEAs hemsida visar billiga sängkläder nästa gång personen besöker IKEA online. Nästa gång kan förstasidan anpassas så att den visar besökaren mer relevant information om kök.

På samma sätt kan man som webbplatsägare få mycket annan betydelsefull information. Som ägare av en online-butik kan man till exempel få information om användaren har köpt något tidigare och vilket kön, ålder och geografisk placering användaren har. Allt detta kan användas för att bygga den perfekta, personligt anpassade förstasidan.

Webbplatsen inleder en konversation med användarna

Många företag kommer i framtiden att använda webbplatsen för att konversera med sina användare. Man kan till exempel föreställa sig ett choklad- och konfektyrföretag som genom sin webbplats för ett samtal med sina användare. Varje gång man besöker webbplatsen får man en fråga som man kan välja att svara på eller inte. Till exempel kan webbplatsen fråga om man föredrar vit eller mörk choklad. Om man svarar på frågan sparas informationen – med användarens tillåtelse, förstås – och nästa gång man kommer tillbaka får man en ny fråga, som kan ge webbplatsägaren en bättre bild av vem användaren är. Denna information kan sedan användas för att ändra all efterföljande kommunikation, både på hemsidan och i e-mail, för att återspegla preferenser hos användaren. Detta säkerställer en mycket mer relevant och personlig kommunikation vilket i slutändan leder till nöjdare kunder och ökad försäljning för företaget.

 Vi går från ett paradigm där användarna är åskådare till en situation där de är en samtalspartner i en dialog som syftar till att stärka och förbättra relationen mellan användaren och företaget. Vilket – om det görs på rätt sätt – kommer leda till att försäljningen och reklamen inte uppfattas som en olägenhet, utan tvärtom som mycket relevant.

Vill du veta vad personligt anpassad marknadsföring innebär för din verksamhet och hur du kan dra nytta av det? Kontakta din lokala NetBooster Agency eller post till:



Google-sökning skärmdump om författaren. Google samlar information om oss och du kan kolla upp det i Google under “Annonspreferenshanteraren” länken.


 >> Did you know NetBooster Denmark is a National Champion at the European Business Awards? We are now moving on to the next round: ‘National Public Champion’ and public voting is now on. Please, watch the video and vote for us now! <<



NetBooster selected ‘National Champion’ at the European Business Awards 2016/17

NetBooster, the leading independent international agency in digital performance marketing has been selected as ‘Denmark National Champion’ in the Award for Customer Focus category.

The European Business Awards is Europe’s largest business competition, celebrating organisations that have enhanced their prospects and profitability by putting the customer at the heart of their business. The primary purpose of the award is to support the development and best practice of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.

Now in their 10th year, the awards reached engagement with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries in 2016.

“With a high profile portfolio of international brands, NetBooster’s methodology involves approaching each client with a customer-centric mindset, delivering marketing solutions to help them drive performance cross-channel and cross territories,” commented Hans Jørgen Albertsen, NordicExecutive Director at NetBooster.

Being a part of the European Business Awards all companies provide and showcase their most exceptional businesses within success, innovation and business ethics and share knowledge and generate debate around the creation of a stronger European business community.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, said:

Congratulations to NetBooster Denmark, who have been selected to represent their country as National Champions.

They are central to the success of Europe’s strong business community, and have shown the core principles we look for of innovation, ethics and success.

As a National Champion, NetBooster Denmark will go on to compete in the next phase of the competition with their video below “What makes NetBooster great” telling the unique story of its business success. Please vote here for NetBooster. The votes are open until 01 March 2017.

About NetBooster Group |

NetBooster is a leading independent international agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.). 

For more information please contact:

Communication & PR
Michelle K.S. Bruun
NetBooster Nordic
Tel. +(00)45 6019 5754


Crucial selects NetBooster to drive its global SEO strategy

NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT – PEA-PME eligible) a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing, today announces a new partnership and contract win with Crucial, part of Micron Group.

NetBooster has been selected to develop and manage Crucial’s global SEO strategy in the USA, UK, Italy, Germany and France. This new partnership represents a key milestone for NetBooster, as it’s the first time the European Agency has been appointed by a US company to manage a global SEO strategy including the US.

NetBooster is working in partnership with the Crucial marketing teams, product specialists and website developers to deliver a comprehensive SEO campaign to drive increased organic visibility in the target markets. The project includes technical SEO, multi-language content marketing, data analysis, outreach & influencer marketing as well as providing SEO and search marketing training to Crucial’s stakeholders. This will be managed out of NetBooster’s SEO competence hub in Cornwall, with the support of the local NetBooster offices in the target countries.

Crucial specialisesin computer memory and storage, with over 6500 engineers on staff, more than 25 000 patents and products available in 209 countries around the world.

Tim Ringel, CEO of NetBooster, says– “We are proud that Crucial chose NetBooster to develop and implement their SEO strategy both in the US and in Europe. Crucial is our first client in the semi-conductor industry and international, making this an important win for us, putting into place our development plans in the US and our ambition to grow our international footprint as the largest independent digital performance agency.

We’re excited to be working with NetBooster for our SEO needs,” said Fabrice Sabo, E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Crucial. “Their broad experience within the SEO industry combined with their knowledge of regional e-commerce models will help us take our digital marketing to the next level.”

About NetBooster Group |
NetBooster is a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.). Shares in NetBooster are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

In February 2016, NetBooster and PM Digital, a US-based independent leading full-service integrated marketing agency, announced their strategic relationship to form one of the biggest independent performance networks in the world, with a combined international presence of over 25 Offices, 800 employees, and 250 leading brands.

About Crucial |

Crucial is a global brand of Micron Technology, Inc. Crucial solid state drives (SSDs) and memory (DRAM) upgrades are compatible with over 100,000 new and old desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers. Available worldwide at leading retail and e-tail stores, commercial resellers, and system integrators, Crucial products enhance system performance and user productivity. Learn more at

Alexia Cassini (Group Communication Manager)
NetBooster S.A.
Tel. 00 33 (0)1 40 40 27 00

Press Contact
Caroline Carmagnol / Wendy Rigal
Tel. 00 33 (0)1 44 54 36 66


Google Ad Layout Update

What the changes mean for businesses

What exactly happened?

On Friday 19th February, Google announced that it will no longer show sponsored adverts on the right-hand side of a desktop search results page.  Instead, the page will display a maximum of four adverts at the top of the search engine result page (SERP), above the natural listing, as well as three adverts at the bottom of the page.

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that the change will be put into effect immediately in all languages worldwide.



As a result, adverts will not appear on the right-hand- side of desktop search results, with two exceptions:

  • Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes, which show either above or to the right of search results 
  • Ads in the Knowledge Panel

The elimination of right-hand-side adverts will impact all desktop searches worldwide; the addition of the fourth advert above the search results will be for “highly commercial queries”, for example if the consumer was searching for a hotel or car insurance.  The changes mean that Google now has a similar desktop User Experience to that of a mobile device where you can only see the adverts at the top or bottom of any search results page, meaning the User Experience is consistent across both channels.

Important changes to note:  

  • The changes to the Google search results page will be effective immediately
  •  Adverts will now only appear at the top and/or bottom of the results page. This will be split so that there are a maximum 4 adverts at the top of the page and a maximum of 3 at the bottom
  • Organic results will be pushed further down the SERPs

What is the impact for advertisers?

  • The change in SERPs will instigate a new ‘click behavioural’ pattern from the consumer that will need to be evaluated and addressed accordingly
  • A position 4 regarding “highly sales-driven keywords” can show a better CTR in the future. Ad texts with a position >4 will show significantly lower CTR, because from now on they will be displayed below the fold

  • Google Shopping results might possibly obtain a higher CTR
  • Increased competition at top positions can lead to higher CPCs on desktop device
  • Advertisers targeting positions > 7 on generic keywords will see a drop in impressions
  • Increased competition for top positions can lead to higher cost-per-clicks (CPCs) on desktop devices, lowering the cost effectiveness of this channel
  • Any advertisers targeting a position higher than 7 on generic keywords will see a drop in impressions
  • Advertisers with ads in in position 5-7 (bottom of the page) could suffer from lower CTR, the same number of impressions, lower quality scores and therefore higher CPCs
  • Brands with a high level of competition for their own brand terms might be forced to be more aggressive in protecting their brand space as a result of organic listings being pushed further down the rankings
  • Retailers will need to pay particular attention to their product feeds to ensure that they can make the most of the Google Shopping ads still appearing on the right hand side of the SERP
  • Businesses could see a potential loss of traffic from organic searches as a consequence of these natural listings being pushed down. Ranking will become less and less ‘the key factor’ to consider when evaluating SEO performance, so marketers will need to put more emphasis on looking beyond that metric alone.

2016-02-29 18_32_33-Google SERPS Update (Detailed) (1).pdf - Adobe Reader


  • At NetBooster we have seen a drop in impressions in the UK, French and German markets
  • Our data shows CTR is generally stronger, with the exception of our French campaigns. This is no surprise considering the positions with the lowest CTR, i.e. 8-11, are not available anymore
  • We are also seeing slight increases in CPC, but no dramatic change here

What should marketers focus on going forward?

Back in 2013, the launch of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns forced businesses to re-evaluate their entire approach to paid search, from account structure to bid management and device strategy. In 2016, Google is now forcing businesses not only to re-evaluate their search strategy once again, but also re-examine their entire approach to digital. With the number of ads visible going from 10-11 down to 4, businesses will need to carefully evaluate their bid management strategy and see if it is commercially worth appearing in top positions and how other activities (i.e. remarketing, outreach, conversion rate optimisation and so on) can help brands to maximise their advertising spend  with a healthier Conversion Rate and more cost effective traffic.

Being smarter at engaging with consumers has never played such a key role in digital advertising. As such, marketers will need to bear some fundamental lessons in mind:

  • Simply increasing the bids in order to maintain the same level of impressions and clicks will not deliver the desired result.  You need to re-evaluate the way you think about digital and broaden your field of action in order to bring traffic in at more cost efficient levels and convert at a higher rate
  • Paid search is not the only effective channel to bring in relevant traffic and performance. Companies should diversify what they do and put new emphasis on activities that might have been underestimated to date, such as conversion rate optimisation (CRO), outreach, remarketing
  • Now that the mobile and desktop SERPs are similar, learning from desktop devices’ click behavioural patterns can help you to further optimise your mobile marketing strategy and approach. Mobile traffic and transactions keep  increasing, so this area can no longer be ignored, even if does not generate direct conversions
  • Make a bigger effort to move from traditional ‘silo’ thinking to proper cross-channel strategy. Consumers shop to find a solution to their problems. They do not mind whether they find it on Paid Search, through a Social Ad, or a remarketing ad; they just want to find it
  • On average, websites tend to convert at a 2%-4% rate, which means that 98% to 96% of users leave the site without buying anything.  Why should you bring these users back to the site through search when you could do it via remarketing at a fraction of the Paid Search cost? It’s a better idea to start remarketing and make sure your approach is as personalised as possible

What will NetBooster do next?

At NetBooster, we will analyse the effect of these changes on CTRs and CPCs over the coming months and produce a follow-up article with comprehensive results and a summary of how advertisers can best approach the new rules. These results will also showcase how well adverts in the new format are performing.

If you wish to discuss how these changes will affect your digital marketing strategy, please get in touch.   


NetBooster and PM Digital partner to form one of the biggest independent performance networks in the world

Combined International Presence of over 25 Offices, 800 Employees, 250 Leading Brands and managing over $500m media spend

NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT – PEA-PME eligible), a leading independent Europe and Middle East agency in digital performance marketing and PM Digital, a US-based independent leading full-service integrated marketing agency, today announce a new strategic relationship. This partnering, without an impact on the shareholding structures, will enable the two agencies work alongside one another; leveraging their powerful offerings, employees and technology to benefit their clients. 

Both PM Digital and NetBooster have a strong heritage of delivering marketing solutions to help clients generate awareness and drive performance. Together, their expertise lies in PPC, SEO, CRM, Display/RTB, Affiliate, Social, UX/CRO, with all of these supported by a strong Data and Analytics offering, and a creative team that supports those efforts, to target brands’ most important audiences anywhere they are.

NetBooster and PM Digital’s proven track record of success, coupled with their comprehensive understanding of data and actionable customer insights, will enable the two agencies to work alongside one another and deliver high-impact, cross channel marketing strategies for international brands looking to deepen their position and relevancy. The strategic partnering comes at an important time, as brands and clients look to cultivate integrated global strategies with deeply tailored, localised approaches, and to identify new customer and business opportunities across markets.

Tim Ringel, CEO of NetBooster, commented: “The performance driven methodology is core to our cross-channel, global performance approach. With PM Digital’s deep roots in direct and integrated marketing, coupled with their exceptional channel intelligence, this partnership will give our mutual clients a significant competitive advantage. Together we will strengthen the relationship with critical media providers, as well as best-in-class data and technology partners. The entrepreneurial spirit of both companies fuels our mutual plan for a global footprint with APAC as our next target.

Chris Paradysz, Co-CEO, PM Digital, said: “NetBooster brings impressive digital and vertical expertise that will complement our combined leading roster of brands across the Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Education, Publishing, Technology, Telco, Automotive, Non-profit and B2B sectors. Our shared dedication to creativity, innovation and performance will enhance our clients’ overall programmes and allow them to grasp new opportunities to connect and engage across the globe.”

About NetBooster Group |

NetBooster is a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise of digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.).  Shares in NetBooster are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

About PM Digital

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Do clicks in search results affect your rankings?


The statement that organic clicks affect your rankings is a controversial one. If clicks affect the rankings, would that mean that it becomes harder to change the rankings, as the number one placement gets all the clicks? Or that spammers would be able to click-spam their way to the top?

First of all, let me state my source for this statement:

Danny Sullivan’s Twitter Status


What exactly does this mean for SEO?

To start us off, Gary Moyle, Head of SEO at NetBooster, created a whitepaper on rankings and clicks that showed how many more clicks you get for each increased ranking. You can download his white paper “One click curve to rule them all” from our website. The white paper provides insight into what positions are valuable and where you might actually run into a few dips in traffic, even though you’ve gained positions. However, Gary’s curve is a statistical one and there are still ways for a lower position to get more clicks than a higher one. The trick is to create a snippet that is better than all the others, especially the one directly above your placement. For those of you who don’t have a bag of tricks to craft good snippets, I’ll give you few here:

  1. The almighty rich snippet tool – this tool lets you know what special snippets Google’s currently running. My favourite was taken away a while back; it was the author snippet, where I got to show my face or avatar directly in the search result (a real ego boost). But check out the examples supplied by Google!

  2. – If you find a good match for a snippet, you’ll need to visit in order to look-up the schema needed. Remember that the snippet has to match the content of the page; you can’t fool Google. One thing all websites can do is implement a better presentation of their URLs in the search results. Basically, offers information on how-to insert more data into the HTML-code, in a way that allows search engines to read it.

  3. SEOmofo snippet optimizer – This great tool lets you write the title and description of a page and see if you’re within the pixel limits of the snippet. You want to make sure the snippet isn’t cut short because you’ve inserted too much text, for example.

  4. Google Webmaster Tool– Using this tool, you can view your actual click-through-rate (CTR) for a specific page or query. You can also check the CTR for the page you’re optimising and test different titles and descriptions. I usually find that short, and concise, titles and full-length descriptions work best. Try to target the query very specifically, and make sure the user understands the page.

What about spamming and manipulation?

Organic clicks are used as a divider. If the pages are close in value, and one snippet is attracting more clicks, that page will gain a position over the other one. This means you can’t start generating lots of clicks to your site, and bring it up from a position, if it’s further down in the search results. Also Google won’t be deceived, they will use statistics and control groups to make sure the clicks are genuine.

So really, the statement that clicks affect the rankings doesn’t really change much, but it does highlights the importance of spending time crafting good snippets.

Retailers, how not to mess up Christmas

With December just a couple of months away, thoughts will soon turn to buying those festive gifts and stocking fillers. Whilst some customers prepare for the impending high street battles and aisle onslaughts, others will be opting to carry out transactions online where they may discover that the purchasing process is just as tough to navigate.

Christmas shopping

But what is the key to a successful Christmas?

Understanding the challenges for both the consumer and business is vital to designing the perfect digital strategy. This is pivotal in guiding the consumer through the whole gift-buying process and earning their lifetime custom.

From a Consumer perspective , the main challenges are to ensure that customer expectations are managed and all promises are met. Buyers can be lulled into a false sense of security during this peak shopping period, where they will be expecting more out of any business. Typically you want to be able to search quickly for the ideal gift, at the time that is convenient to you and ultimately then be able to locate and receive the selected purchase in a place that is suitable. Customers are always on the move and fully responsive across all devices and channels, there’s no surprise that there’s a cross-section of savvy shoppers sourcing the best value for money for their purchases with high demands.

From a Business perspective, Christmas is a crucial and profitable time of year, yet with so many steps within the delivery chain open to problems, retailers need to be aware of the common pitfalls: Ranging from adverse weather conditions as witnessed last year, through to limited resources and failed opportunities. Disappointed customers are detrimental for any retailer – ensure you can build relationships with your customers based on accurate reliable information, follow their journey and be available to respond to queries in a timely manner when required to do so. In order to achieve success in all these areas, retailers need to make sure that they are communicating efficiently. Your customers show they’re loyal to you – how loyal are you to them?

For those who have no idea what to buy, the most daunting and time consuming part in the gift-giving process can simply be finding the perfect present. It is therefore imperative for retailers to consider how their customers’ purchasing traits can shift during the run up to Christmas. Pick early enough the Christmas trend and you’ll succeed in acquiring the customer at the lowest cost with time to have your supply chain ready.

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